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 Troyes: a student city to be explored



Troyes: a student city to be explored

When you’re thinking about continuing your higher education, you don’t just choose a school or university. You also choose a city, a way of life and a place where you can fully enjoy your student experience. Behind the various clichés (Paris is a dynamic city, the weather’s good in Marseille, etc.) you also need to see the reality of daily life. Between rent prices, availability of housing and transport time, there are many external factors that can influence your choice.

In addition to the well-known big cities, there are many student cities that have made huge progress in terms of student welcome and infrastructure in recent years. This is definitely the case in Troyes, which offers all the benefits of a smaller city, very close to some of the large metropolises.

An award-winning city

Troyes is a student city. It’s not just us saying that, it’s L’Étudiant magazine, which ranks the city fifth in terms of small-sized student cities. This ranking recognises appeal, education, student life, lifestyle and jobs. Troyes has particularly made a name for its local initiatives such as the “Culture-Leisure Pass’3 that gives students lower entrance fees to shows, cinema, bowling and sports events. The city also organises the Clés de Troyes every year, putting the organisers of student life and the students themselves in touch with each other via festive activities.” It adds that with “30% more students in the last ten years, Troyes is one of the most attractive cities in terms of student numbers.”

Troyes does not only have a multidisciplinary management school which is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles. Over 170 courses are taught in many fields and sectors (BTS, DUT, preparatory classes for Grandes Ecoles, Bachelor’s degrees, Masters and engineering degrees, etc.). The city is also accustomed to receiving awards, as a few years ago, it won the gold medal for the most sporty city in its category, awarded by the newspaper L’Équipe.

A small-scale, easily accessible city

Living in Troyes means saving time… all the time! In a small-scale city, everything is close at hand: schools, universities, events, city centre, student housing etc. The housing is affordable and most of our students live in the city centre or right next to the campus in one of the many university residences, or rent directly from private landlords. A small-scale city also means a family spirit on all the campuses: the relationship between students, the administrative team and the lecturers is unique, and the relationships are genuine. It’s easy to expand your network, meet new people and try out new activities.

Located less than an hour and a half from the centre of Paris, Troyes is easily accessible for all French and international students. At the intersection of the A26 and A5 motorways, many students from the Paris Region, Reims, Dijon, Strasbourg, Orléans, Lille and Lyon come to study in Troyes.

A city that loves nature and loves life

Troyes is a city of art and history in the heart of the Champagne region. Student life fills the city with energy, while its legendary architecture and plethora of entertainment, shows and cultural events will ensure you appreciate living in the Champagne region! The city is also the European capital of outlet stores, with over 300 major brands at knockdown prices. As for nature, you will love the large lakes of the Orient Forest Regional Natural Park and the many outdoor sports and watersports activities.

The management school is less than 10 minutes’ walk from the historic centre of Troyes. Fully served by public transport, the campus offers students a working environment perfectly suited to the academic rigour of the programme and the lively student experience.

An innovative city that is able to reinvent itself

The historic capital of the Champagne region, over the last 20 years Troyes has developed a large ecosystem of new technologies, innovation, entrepreneurship and higher education. The Aube Technopole, an interface specialising in innovation engineering, is representative of this dynamic. Established in Troyes, it has a start-up incubator connected to the university laboratories and a student incubator. It is a cross-sectoral cluster for all the higher education institutions in the local area, offering a complete start-up programme, access to a network of experts, accommodation and the best resources to help entrepreneurs develop their innovative project. The perfect place for students who want to create a business start-up!

A lively city at the gateway to Paris, Troyes is a student city with much to offer. From its historic city centre to its higher education institutions, everything is designed to ensure that students from all over the world feel at home here and get the most out of the best years of their life.

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