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 The Y SCHOOLS ecosystem

The Y SCHOOLS ecosystem

SCBS is the Y SCHOOLS Business School. The Group was founded in 1992 and now has a number of schools and programs:

Initial Education:


Vocational Education:


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee implements and analyses Y SCHOOLS strategic development.

Francis Bécard, Managing Director of Y SCHOOLS

Céline Fauchot, Director of SCBS, the Y SCHOOLS management school

Michaël Noblot, Assistant Managing Director for Resources, Y SCHOOLS

Séverine Nomdedeu, Director of External Relations and Partnerships and Director of the Y SCHOOLS School of Design

Julien Renoult, Director of the Y SCHOOLS Vocational Training School

Emmanuel Borgnon, Financial Director of Y SCHOOLS

Strategic Council 

The purpose of this body is to support Y SCHOOLS in its strategic analysis.Consisting of people from different educational and career backgrounds and with different approaches, it promotes cross-sectoral discussions and projects for inventing the future:

Michel Akoum, CEO of Novoferm

Laurent Batsch, Former President of Paris-Dauphine University

Francis Bécard, Managing Director of Y SCHOOLS

Bernard Belletante, Managing Director of EM Lyon

Jean-Pierre Boisivon, Professor Emeritus at Paris II Panthéon-Assas University; Adviser at the Enterprise Institute; Adviser to the President of the FNEGE

Patrick Bourdet, CEO of Olivaie Consulting

Philippe Carli, CEO of EBRA Group

Isabelle Huault, President of Paris Dauphine

Valérie Lafdal, Director of Integration Projects and Executive VP at Orange Business Services

Didier Livio, Partner, responsible for Sustainable Development – Deloitte

Xavier Kergall, Managing Director of Sid Développement – Les Échos Group

Pierre Letzelter, CEO of PGL Conseil

Jean-Claude Lewandowski, Journalist

Éric Lombard, Managing Director of La Caisse des Dépôts, Chairman of the Strategic Council

Delphine Manceau, Managing Director of NEOMA Business School

Jean-François Martinot, CEO of Martinot Immobilier and Treasurer of the Y SCHOOLS Board of Directors

Didier Papaz, CEO of Optic 2000 Group and Chairman of the Y SCHOOLS Board of Directors

Fabien Pierlot, Founding CEO of Coyote System et Graduate of the ESC Troyes Group

Jean-Damien Pô, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Strategy and Foresight at Saur

Bernard Ramanantsoa, Honorary Managing Director of HEC Paris

Patrick Richard, CEO of Richard’s Investments

Ari Sebag, Member of the Partouche Group Executive Committee

Éric Surdej, Managing Director of DESMAS Consulting Partner

Scientific Council

It participates in the improvement and scientific quality of research work and the coherence of the Y SCHOOLS scientific project, with priority areas of focus.

Jacques Thévenot, Professor Emeritus, President of the Scientific Council

Franck Barès, Senior Lecturer at HEC Montreal, Member of the Entrepreneurship Chair Rogers-J.-A.-Bombardier

Jean-Pierre Boisivon, Professor Emeritus at Paris II Panthéon-Assas University; Adviser at the Enterprise Institute; Adviser to the President of the FNEGE

Nicolas Dacher, Educational Manager at ECE Paris Engineering School

Patrick Dargent, CEO of Aquarese Industries; former President of Réseau Entreprendre

Pierre-Louis Dubois, University Professor, University of Montpellier

Alain Fayolle, Professor and Director of the Entrepreneurship Research Centre at EM Lyon Business School

Sébastien François, CEO of The Lab

Frédéric Lucet, University Professor, Founder of Family Business Group

Bénédicte Michon, Founder of PMETI (expertise to promote the growth of SMEs and mid-caps)

Maurice Thévenet, University Professor, CNAM and ESSEC Business School; Managing Director of FNEGE