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Work placements

Immersion in a company is the best basis for successful vocational integration, as you put what you’ve learned into practice. The different work placements on our courses offer multiple possibilities for practical experience and learning about a job, to become rapidly operational and boost our students’ employability.


Duration, period and objectives

GBM – Global Bachelor in Management

GBM1: 2-month minimum business introduction placement 

  • Objective(s): complete a work assignment in a company and acquire practical knowledge of corporate life.

GBM2: 6-month Sales / Marketing operational placement 

  • Objective(s): deal with the reality of sales and marketing to prepare to become an operational employee.

GBM3 : 6-month application placement 

  • Objective(s): Acquire initial professional skills in a sales development or sales and marketing management position.

BBA – International Bachelor in Business Administration

BBA1: 2-month minimum business introduction placement 

  • Objective(s): complete a work assignment in a company and acquire practical knowledge of corporate life.

BBA2: 5-month minimum “International” placement 

  • Objective(s): acquire long-term business experience while achieving operational objectives and adapting to an international context.

BBA4: 6 month International “Research and Application” placement in France or abroad 

  • Objective(s): demonstrate your capacity to join the world of work while occupying a position of responsibility, specifically in an internationally-focused function.

MiM – Grande École Program

PGE1: 4-month minimum placement

  • Objective(s): complete a work assignment in a company and acquire practical knowledge of corporate life.

PGE2: 1 month “Humanitarian” placement 

  • Objective(s): go outside your comfort zone while completing “a useful, responsible mission” and gaining experience and maturity.

PGE3: 6-month “Research and Application” placement

  • Objective(s): demonstrate your capacity to join the world of work and assert your ability to occupy a position of responsibility in a company.

MSc ICE – Master of Science, Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

5-month minimum “Research and Application” placement

  • Objective(s): develop your entrepreneurial fibre while putting your knowledge into practice in project mode, in an innovative company or on your business start-up project.


In France, when the work placement lasts for more than two months, a payment must be made by the host organisation. The minimum amount is 15% of the Social Security hourly maximum (€3.90 / hour).

Your contact for work placements


For students from a country outside the EU, only those who have completed their first year of study in France and hold a “student” residence card can follow the work-study program. 

A work-study placement in a company (in the form of an apprenticeship contract or work-study contract) is training that gives young people the opportunity to turn theoretical learning into professional experience over the same period of time.
The young person is both an employee of the company and a student, meaning they become quickly familiar with the corporate culture, acquire the skills they need for their future career and are able to gain employment more easily after graduation.
The student tuition fees are paid by the company. As well as being an employee of the company, the student receives a salary and the same benefits as all the other employees.
During their time in the company, the student is supported by both a professional and an academic mentor.

Duration and period 

SCBS offers its students the chance to follow a work-study track for two years of their Masters (M1+M2) or during the final year of their Masters (M2 only).
In this way, students have the chance to follow a work-study program for a minimum of 9 months, and for up to 24 months.
Companies who wish to host a SCBS student on a work-study program can either choose an apprenticeship contract or a work-study contract.



Students who choose to follow a work-study program will:

  • Learn more about themselves and corporate culture
  • Discover a sector of activity or job (or several) in-depth
  • Develop their skills, apply their know-how, etc.
  • Have a genuine link to future employment


For the whole of their period in the company, the SCBS work-study student is an employee.

They are therefore paid at 53% of the SMIC or SMC, depending on the following criteria:

  • Their age
  • The type of contract (apprenticeship or work-study)
  • Number of years of the contract
  • The company’s business sector

Your contact for work-study placements


The French International Internship program (VIE) is a civic service carried out abroad for a period of 6 to 24 months. You need to be between 18 and 28 to enrol and have French or European nationality. The VIE is paid.

The missions mainly relate to the following sectors:

  • Culture
  • Environment
  • Humanitarian

The VIE can be done with:

  • a French company abroad;
  • a foreign company linked to a French company through a partnership agreement;
  • or a foreign organisation involved in cooperation with France. In this case, the VIE must be an economic cooperation mission.


Since the start of the academic year 2019, a new system has been in place, the Local Internship Program (VTE). We are delighted to be one of the first higher education establishments to be able to offer this program.

But what is the VTE?

It is an employment contract, inspired by the VIE, but which takes place in France. The purpose of the contract is to spend at least one year in an SME, mid-cap or VSE within a local industry, working alongside the director. As you undoubtedly know, all these companies have a wealth of experiences to offer and working in them is highly rewarding and educational! You will rapidly acquire significant responsibilities, versatility, values and many other things that will help you forge your place in the world of business.

The VTE is Bpifrance certified, attesting to the quality of the missions you will perform and will therefore help to highlight this experience to recruiters. You can complete your VTE under several contracts, such as a work-study contract (at least one year in a company), a short-term contract of at least 1 year or a permanent contract for a job after graduation.

This system is open to students enrolled in a French establishment.

Meeting Companies

Career Objective 

Every year, the SCBS Business Relations and Careers service organises recruitment events for all its students.

These key moments involve a large number of companies and are a chance to:

  • Discover the companies, sectors of activity, jobs and expertise
  • Find work placements or work-study contracts, essential parts of the course
  • Meet professionals and create a network

Job Dating

In collaboration with our partner Mac Arthur Glen, we regularly offer our students jobs in their stores, at weekends and during the Sales periods.


One day, one boss, one student 

Since 2011, Un Jour Un Patron Un Etudiant (One day, one boss, one student), an event organised by SCBS, has enabled a large number of our management students to meet company directors, directors, managers or heads of department.


The concept?!

The student spends one day working alongside a director, in a business of any size (VSE, SME, mid-cap), discovering its culture and the diversity of subjects it deals with.

This encounter is therefore a unique opportunity for the student to become familiar with the reality of business.


For you as managers, it’s an opportunity to share your passion, meet the students who are preparing to become the professionals of the future and perhaps your employees, but also to form special ties with our School.

Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Project (PPP)

The SCBS Business Relations and Careers Service gives you the chance to take part in workshops throughout your course for your Personal and Professional Project to become a manager of the future!

It offers dynamic, interactive, highly professional, personalised workshops.

Typical PPP day:

  • Introduction to the day
  • Workshops, Master Class
  • Use of tools and role play
  • Intervention by coaching experts and the Business Relations and Careers Service
  • Summary

Support throughout your course
1st year: Construct your pitch and optimise your applications
2nd year: Adjust your pitch and boost your approaches
End of course: Finalise your pitch and take flight


Team Building and Creativity Seminar

Two days to feel more at ease with your body and improve your verbal communication through dance, yoga, martial arts, acrobatics and stunts.

The Musical !

A team building week accompanied by pianos and guitars for finding out about each other, strengthening bonds between students and the feeling of belonging to the Y SCHOOLS community. All the first year students from the School of Design, the School of Tourism and SCBS came together for this seminar.

The students worked very hard to put on a musical for their colleagues and program directors. Let the show begin!

Maker Camp

The students from SCBS and the Troyes Design School joined forces to get used to a new technology, create a smart object and meet a business need.

Business Game

Manage your company in teams using a virtual simulation app. Take decisions and become the market leader, as you compete with other students’ companies.



Focus on…

During the year, all our SCBS students have the chance to meet professionals, in small groups, for a “Focus On” session. It’s a chance for them to discover a company, a role, a sector of activity or the journey taken by one of our alumni, in a warm, friendly setting. Exchange and interaction are the keywords of these occasions!

Vocational integration

The alumni who have studied at the school for two, three or four years have all enjoyed highly varied experiences and not one of them has had the same career, but they are all graduates of a SCBS program.
They now work in start-ups, SMEs, major groups or have chosen to create their own business (over 1,000 new start-ups to date).

Net vocational integration rate:

85% 100% 57% 84%

Salary: €37.7K average salary at recruitment
(for a medium-sized organisation)

*Source: SCBS Business Relations and Careers Service on the 2018 cohort

Location of job:

France 77% 55% 50% 70%
Other countries 23% 45% 50% 30%

Business Relations and Careers Service

Fully dedicated to supporting and monitoring of students, the Business Relations and Careers Service is an invaluable aid for finding work placements, work-study programs and jobs, with over 100 privileged offers on a platform designed for students.
The team guides and advises students at every stage of the search, follows up once in post and organises special recruitment events every year (forums, job dating, placement dating, etc.).
However, its missions don’t stop there! Focusing on support for the student’s Personal and Professional Project (PPP), the Business Relations and Careers Service helps students improve their skills, self-knowledge and knowledge of the business world.
The objective is to prepare them and facilitate their vocational integration by providing tools throughout their course, as well as seminars conducted by professionals over several days, depending on their year of training.