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What are student societies?




of activity:

student life and sports,
commercial, international
and charity




Because making a difference counts when you’re looking for a job, Because finding a job is not just about qualifications, SCBS student societies help you develop all the key skills you need to stand out!

Student societies are a unique way to join a real community of students ready to do what it takes to develop their community and personal projects: events, communication, marketing, social, charity, etc. In some ways, joining a society is like joining a laboratory buzzing with ideas, passion and experiences.

It’s here, on the ground, not in the classroom, where you will lead your first team meeting, take your first steps as a manager, financial organiser, communicator, or model executive. Boldness, creativity, self-confidence and interpersonal skills are all talents that student societies can help you acquire!

Student societies are a factory for the key behavioural skills you will acquire through experience, day to day, as you work on the projects, all under the benevolent eye of the Student Society Manager, who will support you all year round, advising you and leading the way.

Student societies are a place for making memories, where friendships and anecdotes are created that will make your time at SCBS the best years of your student life!

Quite simply, student societies are the soul of your school.

The 16 Student societies

Student Office (Bureau des Etudiants) 

A society that represents and unites all the SCBS students! It welcomes all the students, makes sure they settle in well and organises student life at the school! Key projects: Galas, Induction weekend, Shows, entertainment all year round.


Sports Office (Bureau des Sports)

A society that promotes sport to students, offering around 15 sports activities as well as managing the school’s sports hall. Sports: football, basketball, badminton, boxing, handball, hip hop, rugby, tennis, table tennis, salsa, swimming, etc. Plus inter-university championships!

Arts Office (Bureau des Arts)

This society brings together all the school’s arty students: singers, musicians and hypnotists! It is the focal point for all the school’s cultural events!
Its key moment: organising a totally hallucinating hypnotism show!


He For She

Member of a network that aims to promote gender equality in the academic and professional sectors! Its missions are part of the He For She movement launched by the UN.
Elected best Troyes society in 2018. It organises the Gender Equality Week at the school!


Get Green

In light of the climate emergency faced by our planet, Get Green aims to raise environmental awareness among students through activities, conferences and much more.


Troyes de Cœur

Here, we work for others! Our mission is to organise actions at SCBS to raise funds for charities such as Restos du Cœur, Téléthon, Secours Populaire, and so on. Troyes de Cœur also visits sick children at the Simone Veil Hospital in Troyes to brighten up their day!



Association whose mission is to welcome all international students to SCBS! Member of the ESN network, ensuring students settle in well. We organise a number of events to make sure all these students have great memories of France.


Get Junior, the SCBS Junior Enterprise scheme 

Junior Enterprise works alongside local entrepreneurs. Its mission is to support all businesses by helping them with surveys, questionnaires, audits, etc. Get Junior is a real small business of its own. The members of Junior are paid for their work!

Get Coffee (known as K’Fet)

The cafeteria is the beating heart of SCBS!
Students manage the school’s KFET every day, offering essential snacks so you never go hungry.


Get Shop

We love SCBS so much that we make and sell merchandised products. Get Shop is the school’s shop!


Les Cordées

When you join Les Cordées, you become a mentor to a number of high school students, helping them with their career plans and supporting them in their studies. To create links with them, Les Cordées organises many outings and projects, such as creating a show!


Dresc’in Troyes

We love fashion! We love style! And we love to show it!
Dresc’in Troyes organises fashion swap shops on campus.


4L Trophy

A society that helps students form a team to take part in the 4L Trophy rally in the Moroccan desert!


Champ and Wine

As SCBS is based in a region with a strong wine heritage, this society specialises in wine tasting and visiting prestigious wine cellars! Please drink responsibly.


Oh My Game

Even geeks have a right to their own society! Students who love video games can join Oh My Game and create a real community of gamers.
In the first semester of 2019, Oh My Game organised a giant LAN party at the school!

3′ Event

SCBS – South Champagne Business School a le droit à son journal ! L’association a pour mission de recruter une équipe d’étudiants journalistes pour le faire vivre. De même, elle organise de nombreux évènements destinés à la promotion de l’école et de son journal.


In my second year at SCBS, I was keen to work on practical projects to help external businesses, in parallel to my course. So I joined GET JUNIOR and I’m now the President. I manage a team of
18 people, conducting work for real clients: market research, surveys and analyses. This experience is a boost for my career as I want to move into entrepreneurship and business management. Get Junior is like a training ground! I set up a network and I work regularly with company directors. My team is currently working on a regional scale project, which is highly motivating!

27, PGE3, ICE Track (Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship)
President of Get JUNIOR
de SCBS 

When I started at the school, it was important for me to join a society that matched my values, related to ecological awareness. GET GREEN was made for me! Now, as the President, I work to raise awareness among my fellow students about the climate emergency we all face. My team and I put in place awareness actions around the campus, such as a waste recycling policy, and also work on food waste in liaison with our university canteen. This commitment has clearly defined my future prospects, as at the end of my course I’d like to do a Masters in sustainable development. I’ve also developed new skills such as public speaking and gained genuine expertise in sustainable development!

Valentine ROTA, 18, GBM2
President of GET GREEN