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 SCBS, a founding member of BGA, a new international accreditation



SCBS, a founding member of BGA, a new international accreditation

In October 2017, the grouping of all the Y SCHOOLS management programmes under a single banner: SCBS – South Champagne Business School was in response to several challenges. Particularly international accreditations. We are now proud to announce that we are one of the founding schools of a new international accreditation: BGA (Business Graduates Association). In France, only two schools have joined this process: Rennes SB and SCBS! BGA is both an accreditation and an organisation. It is also the organisation that launched AMBA, a British accreditation that has already certified Masters of Business Administration in over 200 business schools and 70 countries. Unlike AMBA, which only focuses on a programme, BGA (Business Graduates Association) is an accreditation of the institution. Like AACSB, it focuses on the whole entity. Currently, along with all the founding members, we have “Bronze” status. The three pillars of BGA (Business Graduates Association) accreditation are as follows:

  • Continuous improvement;
  • Impact;
  • And responsible management.

For SCBS and David Moroz, Director of Accreditation and Research “It was logical to invest in accreditation that places impact at the centre of its concerns. BGA’s values allow us to demonstrate at international level what we are doing at national level. In particular via the renewal of our BSIS (Business School Impact System) certification a few months ago.”

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