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What is research in a Business School?

The objective of research activities is threefold. Firstly, its aim is to contribute to the development of knowledge in management sciences, as the work of lecturer-researchers in the research centre is published in journals reviewed by peers from the scientific community. Secondly, it is intended to provide the students with quality teaching, as they are assured of a Faculty where knowledge is continually updated by the research work being conducted. Finally, it offers new educational approaches and tools, aimed at training our students in creativity, innovation, intercultural matters and all the technological revolutions that are transforming our economy.



communications in peer-reviewed academic symposiums



articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals



chapter of a collective book



popular scientific articles






articles published in The Conversation including:

  • Online video game platforms, a time for major strategic manoeuvres – Didier Calcei
  • Whisky “Made in France” should become a future global benchmark – David Moroz and Bruno Pecchioli
  • When brands are used in museums – Damien Chaney

Our areas of research

SCBS has defined its research directions in line with its mission and the local challenges of developing the Troyes economic region.

SCBS focuses on teaching and pedagogy, as the quality of the teaching is mainly based on the faculty’s continual involvement in research activities that enable it to update its knowledge.

Consequently, SCBS has chosen to align its research production with the needs for skills in its four educational departments, which are Finance & Economy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Organisations & Strategic Management.

The alignment of research with pedagogy has a dual objective. Firstly, it means maintaining the faculty’s academic qualification at standards recognised by various stakeholders, who assess the quality of the faculty and the teaching delivered. Secondly, through the respective research efforts carried out in the four educational departments, it involves making use of the new expertise to develop new specialisations or programmes.

Looking more specifically at the impact of research on development of the school’s course portfolio, the aim is to conduct research activity in alignment with the local challenges of developing the Troyes economic region. This covers both a general need for skills (training, consultancy, studies) by companies in the local area and the prospects for synergy between higher education and research institutions.

Research blog


Our permanent faculty conducts research that firstly enables it to publish in prestigious, peer-reviewed scientific journals and secondly and most importantly to develop significant expertise in various management sciences and economic sciences fields.

The objective of the research blog is to offer quick, simple access to this knowledge and expertise. In the blog, our lecturer-researchers can present a summary of their research work and deliver an analysis of a fact of society, using the methodological tools at their disposal.

Scientific news

Our team of lecturer-researchers is much like the school: open to the world and to various sectors of expertise.

Our team of French and foreign lecturers publishes its work in the most well known journals and also disseminates its research to a wider public. The team from SCBS – South Champagne Business School is driven by a research outreach mission!