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 Renewal of our accreditation by UFA for our partnership with Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences!



Renewal of our accreditation by UFA for our partnership with Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences!

The accreditation by the Franco-German University is renewed with Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences for 4 years

Since the academic year 2005-2006, South Champagne Business School has developed a dual degree with Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Since the same date, this Franco-German course has been supported by the Franco-German University (UFA). In 2019, we are delighted to announce that the course has been re-accredited for 4 years!

What is the BBA Franco-German track from SCBS?

For students who choose this track, years 2, 3 and 4 of the BBA are completely different from the standard track. In year 2, instead of a semester of classes in France and a work placement abroad, students on the Franco-German track follow a semester of classes in France then a semester of classes in Germany.

Year 3 of the course is 100% in Germany: a 5-month work placement and a semester of classes. Alongside students on the standard track, there are two semesters abroad in a partner university.

Finally, for students on the Franco-German track, the final year of the BBA is a 12-month work placement in a company. This year is divided into several periods of classes, whereas our students on the standard track have one semester of classes in France then a work placement abroad.

At the end of the course, the students obtain:

  • A dual degree: a French degree and a German degree, both recognised by the Franco-German University (UFA);
  • A certificate from the UFA.

What does the BBA Franco-German track from SCBS give you?

This track makes our students’ CVs stand out. It allows them to develop very good linguistic expertise in German and also to gain German-speaking business experience and increase their visibility in the German labour market. The course is an integral part of our International BBA (postgraduate – 4 years). In fact, like all the tracks on offer, it also enables our students to improve their ability to adapt and work in a multicultural context!

Students who have taken the Franco-German track…

Dual graduates on this track have the opportunity to continue their studies or join the labour market. A BBA graduate in 2016, Gauvain is now a Human Resources Officer at HTS Consulting. Valériane is Operations Coordinator at INSEAD.

In 2017, we had 4 graduates on this dual course. Today, for example:

  • Geoffroy is Information Systems Manager at GRT Gaz;
  • Marie is Business Developer at UberEats;
  • Jade is Group SB Project Manager at Seletanche Bachy International.

And more recently 4 students have graduated:

  • Louise is responsible for the Fruit and Vegetables Range at Lidl France;
  • Judith is International Marketing Intern at Sony Music Entertainment;
  • Justine is Business Administration Graduate at BNP Paribas;
  • Pierre-Alexandre is continuing his studies on the Specialist Masters in International Financial Analysis.

As you will have understood, our Franco-German track helps you develop additional skills, bring a different colour to your CV and open up some wonderful professional opportunities! Every year, 8 BBA students can choose this track… A good tip: to encourage our students to choose this track, they receive a grant for the period abroad, which is 15 months. Currently, this grant is 300 euros per month!

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