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 ProgramsSpecialised Masters in Performance Management and Industrial Transformation

Specialised Masters in Performance Management and Industrial Transformation

This degree prepares managers for tackling the global transformation of production, management and information models towards more agile, more “responsive” models.

Practical info 

Length of course:

12 months

Level of entry:

Postgraduate degree (5 years)





3 good reasons to enrol in the MS MPTI course

  • A course originating from the recognised expertise of two schools: the Troyes University of Technology (UTT) with industry specialist lecturers, and SCBS with lecturers who are management experts 
  • Significant consideration of CSR issues: 20% of teaching is dedicated to this. 
  • Suitable for work-study (work-study contract, work placement). For students from a country outside the EU, only those who have completed their first year of study in France and hold a “student” residence card can follow the work-study programme.


Businesses must now view their economic, ecological and social environment like an ecosystem. In this finite, interconnected world, in an uncertain, turbulent context, the role of the manager is changing. They must have a systemic, global, cross-cutting vision. Their capacity to involve different stakeholders in working together and challenging their practices will enable new organisational and collaborative dynamics to be created.

The Specialised Masters® in Performance Management and Industrial Transformation therefore covers the key areas of an industrial company. Social and environmental responsibility, managing staff, management control or operational excellence (lean management, continuous improvement) are examined in order to identify the limits of the current models and reflect on the emerging, innovative solutions.

This programme focuses on collaborative, creative, accountable working methods and collective, customer-focused agility.

This Specialised Masters® aims to train directors who will support industry in the shift towards the factory of the future. It teaches them to have a global, motivating vision of performance. By strategically combining optimum objectives, tactical coordination of resources and operational synchronisation of decision making, the programme meets the needs of industrial companies in terms of new performance models, management and guidance.

The course is developed jointly by the Troyes University of Technology and Y Schools, which lend their expertise in the areas of:

  • industrial engineering, supply chain and sustainable development for the UTT
  • management, innovation and design for Y Schools.


NB: For students from a country outside the EU, only those who have completed their first year of study in France and hold a “student” residence card can follow the work-study programme.


mpti-scbs-programme-5-blocs-de-competences5skills blocks
mpti-scbs-programme-35h-de-formation35hof training
mpti-scbs-programme-4-a-6-mois-de-stage4 to 6 monthsof work placement in a company
mpti-scbs-programme-75-ects-pour-la-formation75 ECTS

The course is divided into 5 skills blocks, consisting of 2 teaching units (TU) each.

Each of the 10 TU represents 35 hours of training, a total of 350 hours for the programme.

The course is followed by a work placement in a company on a topic corresponding to the sector studied. The placement may last from 4 to 6 months and result in the presentation of a professional thesis.

The TU on the course represent 45 ECTS and presentation of the professional thesis 30 ECTS, thus a total of 75 ECTS.

  • TU1 – CSR Week 38Corporate and Environmental Social Responsibility
  • TU2 – COR Week 42Competitive Responsibility
  • TU3 – EPB Week 48Economic performance of businesses
  • TU4 – OPB Week 51Overall performance of businesses
  • TU5 – MRO Week 3Management of responsible organisations
  • TU6 – COI Week 8Collective intelligence
  • TU7 – CIE Week 12Continuous improvement and operational excellence
  • TU8 – ICM Week 17Industrial and commercial management
  • TU9 – ISS Week 20Industrial interaction system
  • TU10 – INI Week 24Industrial intelligence

Programme manager



Lecturer-researcher, Factory-School Manager, Manager of the Specialised Masters in Performance Management and Industrial Transformation


Questions & answers on video:


This Specialised Masters® responds to the economic, environmental and technological changes we are going through. Industrial companies are already aware of the limits of the current approaches and are beginning their change process, but there is still a lot of inertia. Our ambition is to train the cross-disciplinary managers of the future and keep them up to date with emerging approaches. Today it is vital to integrate all the factors, in particular the human and environmental factors, in our performance and decision-making models. This is the raison d’être of the Specialised Masters®: training specialists to examine every aspect and question it, who are able to understand the complexity of systems and deliver innovative and harmonious solutions. We don’t have the time to work as we used to, we must urgently design the industry of the future!”

Careers and opportunities

Types of companies

All industrial companies: SME, mid-caps, subsidiaries of large groups.


  • Transformation Director
  • Industrial Performance Director
  • Change Management Director
  • Operational excellence Manager
  • Cross-sectoral Project Manager
  • Industrial Product Manager


Candidates must hold one of the following qualifications:

  • Engineering degree authorised by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI list)
  • Degree from a school of management authorised to award the grade of Masters (CEFDG list)
  • 3rd cycle degree authorised by the university authorities (DEA, DESS, Masters) or vocational qualification consistent and equivalent to a postgraduate degree (5 years)
  • M1 degree or equivalent, for auditors with at least three years’ professional experience in business intelligence
  • Qualification listed with the RNCP level 1
  • Foreign degree equivalent to the French postgraduate degrees required above


  • Opening of admissions: 1 February 2021
  • Start of course: September 2021
  • Selection Board dates : August 2021 – at the UTT
  • Business work placement period: 4 months minimum
  • Presentation of Professional Thesis in September 2021

Tuition fees

Students and jobseekers:
€ 9,500

Employees and companies:
€ 15,500