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Grande École Programme Master Degree


The SCBS Grande École Programme is a Masters degree accessible through an entrance exam after completing 2 or 3 years in higher education.

Studying abroad or in France, work-study programme, entrepreneurship, humanitarian work… each student can create their own personal pathway!


Practical info

Length of course:

3 years

Level of entry:

2, 3 or 4 years in higher education


Full time or work-study


French and English

5 good reasons to enrol on the GEP course

  • A Design & Management Strategy track (M1 + M2), in partnership with the Troyes School of Design
  • A national dual degree: MSc Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship (M2) in collaboration with Troyes EPF engineering school
  • Up to 36 months abroad with 90 partner universities worldwide
  • 10 dual degrees in France and abroad (Germany, Austria, Spain, Indonesia, Italy, Latvia, Morocco, Poland and Russia)
  • 11-20 months work placement

Year accessible after 2 years of higher education


4-5 months in France or abroad

A common core year which will give you an overview of all the management disciplines and develop your Soft Skills (speaking in public, role play and participation in non-profit activities), improve your languages and gain significant experience in business.

Semester 1 Modules

  • Microeconomics ECO
  • Financial accounting
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Negotiation
  • Digital challenges for business
  • French corporate law
  • Business ethics
  • Business games
  • Team building and creativity
  • Preparation for Voltaire Certification
  • ML1 English
  • ML2: German, Spanish, Italian
  • ML3: Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Russian

Semester 2 Modules

  • Critical approach to contemporary questions
  • Financial instruments and markets
  • Validate your Business model
  • Individuals and society
  • ML1 English
  • TOEIC Preparation
  • ML2

Year accessible after 3 years higher education (M1)

100% of classes can be taken in English.

In M1, the PGE offers four tracks, each with different educational objectives according to the student profile.

If you want to develop the international side of your profile, you can! After the first semester in Troyes, in the second semester you can study in one of our 90 partner universities all over the world, then continue with a year abroad before preparing for one of the 10 international dual degrees at M2 level (Germany, Austria, Spain, Indonesia, Italy, Latvia, Morocco, Poland and Russia). All our partnerships are included in the price, so you won’t have any additional tuition fees to pay.


If you want to benefit a little longer from the familiar setting or take time to improve your English before going abroad in the 3rd year, or if you’re an international student who wants to stay longer in France, the France track is perfect for you! A year with 2 semesters of lessons, mainly given in English. An opportunity to pass your TOEIC, essential for obtaining your degree. Added to this is a one-month humanitarian internship where you can go outside your comfort zone and gain experience and maturity.

Semester 1 Modules

  • Eloquence and Leadership
  • Intermediary financial accounting
  • BP contest
  • English
  • Operational Marketing
  • Applied statistics
  • Advanced Strategy
  • Methodology
  • Organisation theory

Semester 2 Modules

  • International economics
  • Non-profit organisations
  • English
  • Social network management
  • Cross cultural communication & management
  • Digital challenges for Business
  • Humanitarian placement
  • Work placement report

If you want to join the world of work more quickly, the work-study track offers you work experience while you study. You can follow this track for 12 or 24 months, in a format of one week of lessons followed by 3 weeks in a company.

For students from a country outside the EU, only those who have completed their first year of study in France and hold a “student” residence card can follow the work-study programme.

Semester 1 Modules

  • Eloquence and Leadership
  • Financial accounting
  • PGE2 English
  • Operational Marketing
  • Advanced Strategy
  • Methodology
  • Organisation theory

Semester 2 Modules

  • International economics
  • BP contest
  • English
  • Applied statistics
  • Social network management
  • Digital challenges for Business
  • Work-study internship

If you want to develop a profile with original dual skills as a Design Manager, something that is increasingly sought after by employers (luxury, cosmetics, tableware, decoration, automotive, etc.) the PGE offers a specific track in collaboration with the Troyes School of Design.

In cross-disciplinary teams, you will work on common projects, to which each person will bring their knowledge and open up new ways of thinking. These are win-win partnerships as at the end of your track, you will receive a dual degree. Multidisciplinary skills!

Semester 1 Modules

  • Design manifesto
  • Design Culture applied to the Design project in business
  • Design and Humanities
  • Design law
  • Innovation management
  • Market and strategy applied to the Design project in business
  • Workshop Design
  • Development of the Design project in business
  • Introduction to Design Management

Semester 2 Modules

  • Intermediate financial accounting
  • BP contest
  • English
  • Marketing
  • Applied statistics
  • Strategy
  • Methodology
  • Organisation theory

Year accessible as postgraduate – 4 years (M2)

100% of classes can be taken in English.

In M2, you will have to choose the specialisation that will give a specific direction to your track. With 9 specialisations in all sectors (finance, marketing, HR, sports management, etc.) you will definitely be able to express your talents!

The 9 specialisations

Companies’ growing needs for innovation push them to place design at the heart of their strategic policy, as the most important lever of growth. On this track, you will learn about design management roles in business, an emerging discipline that aims to combine a strategic approach with products, resources and useful tools for designing, developing and marketing an offer or service. This track is spread over two years (M1 + M2), in partnership with the Troyes School of Design. Targeted roles:

  • Design Manager
  • Corporate Strategy Manager
  • Design & Marketing Manager
  • Design Products Manager

Don’t just learn, be an entrepreneur! With this specialisation, offered in collaboration with the EPF school of engineering, you will explore innovation management and project management or launch your business start-up project! As well as a PGE degree, you will also obtain the MSc ICE. Targeted roles:

  • Company founder
  • Specialist Consultant
  • Innovation Strategy Manager
  • Business Development Manager

Ready to invest in the sports business market? Prepare to explore the world of sports communication and events, sponsorship, and sports-related project management… Targeted roles:

  • Director of sports services or facilities
  • Merchandising or Retail Manager
  • Organiser of sports events
  • Sponsorship Manager

Work-study only

With globalisation, businesses are becoming truly global; they can no longer ignore virtual team working, the diversity of talent and the cultural sensitivity that this requires. Supporting talent beyond our borders, attracting people to come to France, developing their skills, staying competitive in the markets and conquering new ones – these are the opportunities of this specialisation! Targeted roles:

  • Recruitment Manager
  • International Mobility Manager
  • HR Management Consultant
  • Careers Manager

Work-study only

Do you want to be the preferred contact before and after the production process, ensuring that a product or service is delivered to a customer under optimum conditions? Procurement and the logistics chain are your new playground! Targeted roles:

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Sales planning and forecasting Manager
  • Director of logistics and distribution

Work-study only

The banking and insurance sector is one of the main recruiters of management school graduates. We have prepared this specialisation in partnership with a multitude of banking partners, under the umbrella of the CFPB (Banking Profession Training Centre)! The aim is to train highly qualified managers, capable of dealing with the challenges of the retail side of banking and insurance. Targeted roles:

  • Professional Account Manager
  • Business Account Manager
  • Financial Adviser
  • Credit and insurance broker

Accessible as work-study 

Marketing is now truly international and there are no geographical barriers or exclusively local brands. Companies are seeking to develop their business in high-potential markets. This specialisation will give you expertise in all kinds of sales techniques, how to manage a sales force, prepare a national and/or international sales strategy and promote a brand in a globalised world. Targeted roles:

  • Sales Manager
  • Product Manager
  • International Development Manager
  • Key Account Manager

Accessible as work-study 

For all digital natives, social media fans and web addicts! This track is a gateway to communication, digital marketing and social media. The web has transformed the way businesses work and opened up new markets – become one of the people who identify and direct the trends of the future! Targeted roles:

  • Customer Relations Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Brand Content Manager
  • Webmarketing Project Manager

Accessible as work-study 

Today, the need for management controllers and audit specialists is continually increasing in all sectors: public, private, for-profit and not-for-profit. Do you want to be at the heart of strategic decision making? Become a key player in performance, governance and control of costs and risks. Targeted roles:

  • Management Controller
  • Risk Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Internal Auditor

Careers and opportunities


of students in work within 6 months


of work-study students in work before obtaining their degree


average annual gross salary for first job after graduation

Location of job


For international students who are already in the French education system

Accessible after 2 years of preparatory classes to join the 1st year of the PGE programme.

For students in preparatory classes in the economics and business streams (scientific, economics, technological option) and students in literary preparatory classes (A/L Ulm track and Lyon and B/L track).

Some examples of tests: text contraction, text summary, modern languages, general culture dissertation, mathematics, history, geography and geopolitics, economics, etc.

More info on

For international students who are already in the French education system

Accessible with 2 years of higher education to join the 1st year of the PGE programme.

Accessible after 3 years of higher education to join the 2nd year of the PGE programme.

For students with a 2, 3 or 4 year degree, all streams combined. 3 tests: Summary, English, choice of test (from 12 subjects).

More info on

Accessible with 2 years of higher education to join the 1st year of the PGE programme.

Accessible with 3 years of higher education to join the 2nd year of the PGE programme.

For students in the local region with 2 or 3 years of higher education, wanting to join on a work-study programme or international students.

Type of tests: application, summary motivation interview, English test.

Schedule of entrance exam days: see

Tuition fees

The tuition fees are some of the most affordable within the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

European students:
GEP1: €8,500 / year
GEP2 and 3: €8,950 / year

Non-EU international students:
GEP1: €9,500 / year
GEP2 and 3: €10,500 / year

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