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Grande École Program Master Degree in Management

Shake the world, Shape our world!

At SCBS, the dessein of the Program Grande École (PGE) is to train the managers of tomorrow.

Our aim? To guarantee your professional success by passing on our knowledge and supporting you in your current and future projects.

This program offers 3 years of study leading to a Bac+5 Master’s degree. To support you in your professional development, we have redesigned the program to enable you to specialize as early as possible in a course that suits you.


Practical info


3 years

Level of entry:

2, 3 or 4 years in higher education


Full time or work-study


French and English

You will experience 2 highlights when you join our PGE, and we invite you to discover them:

Step 1: Foundations

The first year of the Grande École Program is a transition year. Do you have a Bac+3 level and have just finished your prépa or BTS, or would you like to join our program before the end of your BUT? Then this first year of the PGE is for you!

1st year (Bac+3) : Foundation Year

In the 1st year of the PGE, you’ll study the fundamentals of business and learn more about management sciences to prepare you for the rest of your career…

It’s a year of preparation to ensure your success throughout the rest of your PGE.
The aim ? To help you discover yourself, your ambitions and your abilities, and to enable you to choose your path at the end of this first year.

What’s the format for this course?

It’s a one-year program that can only be taken as an initial course (continuous courses).

How do I get in?

You’ll need to have a Bac+2 or 120 ECTS credits.

Benefits :

  • A 4 to 5 month internship to (re)discover the corporate world
  • ProSPer: this program will enable you to discover your softskills through innovative workshops and seminars to facilitate your professional integration.

Step 2 : the Master’s cycle

The 2nd and 3rd years of the Grande École Program are in fact your two years of Master’s studies.

Through your Master’s degree, you’ll be able to choose from 5 specialization paths to become an expert in your preferred field.

2nd & 3rd years (Bac+4 & Bac+5): the Master’s cycle

The year of choice!

Are you looking for a workstudy program or a continuous course ?

The specializations will enable you to develop expertise in the field of your choice. They all include a total of 700 hours of classes, giving you real expertise in the field. What’s more, you’ll have 75% of your courses dedicated to specific teaching. The remaining 25% will be dedicated to core courses.

The 6 specializations

“When you love, you don’t count”

Become an industry expert, with a 360° study of all areas of finance, auditing, accounting and management control !

You’ll gain professional experience and apply your knowledge through internships or a workstudy program, which will give you access to a network of professionals in the field. When it comes to looking for internships, don’t panic ! This sector is always on the lookout for junior profiles, so you’re guaranteed a place in a company as soon as you graduate !

Benefits :

  • You’ll be preparing for the UE of the Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion (DSCG)
  • Work-study and continuing education courses available

“Insure your future”
In partnership with the École Supérieure de la Banque, this course provides you with training that is totally in line with the needs of the banking and insurance sector, which is constantly changing as a result of digitalization. The banking sector is constantly evolving, which is why we have taken great care to combine learning commercial skills with the legal, financial and tax skills you need to enter the job market.

Over 70% of our courses are taught by industry professionals, so you’ll benefit from rapid access to employment as soon as you graduate!


Benefits :

– Earn professional qualifications (RNCP6)

– Exclusive apprenticeship contracts available during your work-study search

“Marketing from A to Z”

Would you like to work in marketing and get an overview of the field ?

This course will enable you to discover marketing in all its aspects, and will train you in the application of knowledge through :

  • Strategic marketing,
  • Digital marketing,
  • Responsible marketing,
  • Experiential marketing,
  • Geomarketing
  • International marketing.

Plus points:

You’ll also be trained in functions that extend marketing action through business development and team management.

“Your future is just a click away !”

Are you curious and want to participate in the changes and transformations of the world around you?
Would you like to be able to stimulate innovation and steer and support digital transformation within companies?

This course will teach you about the global business context, from past to present practices. Currently marked by the dazzling development of web-related technologies, you’ll learn about :

  • Innovation and digital transformation strategies,
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Data analysis and Big Data

Benefits :

Practical application via business cases and real-life projects

Courses in English

Are you interested in logistics ?

Would you like to become an industry expert by learning supply chain techniques through logistics, and developing your knowledge of a company’s areas of expertise?

Then this comprehensive, cross-disciplinary course is for you!

You’ll study supply chain management, information systems for data management, systems integration and artificial intelligence. In addition, you’ll study issues related to operational excellence, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Benefits :

Professional certificates CACES + PMI
Courses in French + English

Would you like to specialise in entrepreneurship and innovation in tourism ?

This pioneering program is aimed at anyone who wants to set up or run a business in the tourism sector. Innovative and flexible, the courses offered go beyond the traditional format, thanks in particular to learning by doing.

Master the key stages, concepts, tools and posture of an autonomous, committed and responsible professional to become a freelancer, innovative project manager, start-up creator or entrepreneur in the tourism sector.

Benefits :

Courses 100% in English
9-month work placement
Semester of courses in France and abroad

Careers and opportunities


of students find a job within 6 months


of work-study students find a job before obtaining their degree


average annual gross salary for first job after graduation


Nicolas SOUVET tells you what he’s been up to since graduating from PGE.

Discover the story of Joris, PGE graduate and entrepreneur in LOS ANGELES


For international students who are already in the French education system

Accessible after 2 years of preparatory classes to join the 1st year of the PGE program.

For students in preparatory classes in the economics and business streams (scientific, economics, technological option) and students in literary preparatory classes (A/L Ulm track and Lyon and B/L track).

Some examples of tests: text contraction, text summary, modern languages, general culture dissertation, mathematics, history, geography and geopolitics, economics, etc.

More info on www.concours-bce.com

For international students who are already in the French education system

Accessible with 2 years of higher education to join the 1st year of the PGE program.

Accessible after 3 years of higher education to join the 2nd year of the PGE program.

For students with a 2, 3 or 4 year degree, all streams combined. 3 tests: Summary, English, choice of test (from 12 subjects).

More info on www.passerelle-esc.com

Accessible with 2 years of higher education to join the 1st year of the PGE program.

Accessible with 3 years of higher education to join the 2nd year of the PGE program.

For students in the local region with 2 or 3 years of higher education, wanting to join on a work-study program or international students.

Type of tests: application, summary motivation interview, English test.

Schedule of entrance exam days: see www.scbs-education.com/admissions

Tuition fees

The tuition fees are some of the most affordable within the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

Rates in effect for 2022-2023.

European students :

PGE1: €9,500 /year
PGE2 and 3: 10,000€ /year

International students outside the EU :

PGE1: 11,000€ /year
PGE2 and 3: €11,500 /year