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 ProgramsGlobal Bachelor in Management

Global Bachelor in Management (3-year degree)

Taught in French

With this bachelor, you could achieve:


Managing a company project (Human Resources, digital transformation, store opening)

Managing the development of a product, sector, portfolio of suppliers or profit centre

Continuing your studies at Masters level


Solid fundamentals of management sciences and practical learning methods: research projects, business games

Real professional experience: up to 15 months operational work placement

3rd year work-study programme

A curriculum co-built with businesses

Professional support in building your personal project: discover your talents and capitalise on your experience

An environment conducive to success

Practical info

The Global Bachelor in Management is a 3-year programme leading to a State certified degree.

The programme trains middle managers likely to be working in various SME/mid-caps, multinational or start-up business contexts. Its graduates develop cross-cutting skills that enable them to work to the most current and relevant professional standards in response to the challenges of business: innovation, sales development, digital transformation and communication. This helps them find employment quickly.

You can enrol in the 1st year, after leaving school, in the 2nd year, after one year in higher education, or in the 3rd year, after two years in higher education. The third year is offered in two tracks: a full-time track and a work-study track*.

*Non E-U students must have completed at least 1 year of studies in France and must hold a student residence permit in order to be eligible for the work-study format


3 good reasons to enrol in the GBM program

  • A spacious, functional campus with relaxation areas (sports hall, piano room) for an incomparable experience
  • 3-year degree certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • 13-15 months work placement in France or abroad

Course content

The teaching on the GBM programme is spread over 6 semesters in line with the framework set by the “Bologna Process-LMD”.

The first two years (semesters 1, 2, 3, 4) are devoted to acquiring the fundamentals of management sciences, knowledge of business challenges and business innovation. Each year ends with a two-month work placement in the 1st year and five months in the second year.

A large part of the programme is devoted to personal development and building your professional or personal project.

Examples of courses offered:

  • Introduction to business law
  • Introduction to economics (macro and micro)
  • Fundamentals of accounting
  • Fundamental marketing
  • Applied statistics in Excel
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Web design
  • Preparation for Voltaire Certification
  • Digital working environment
  • Financial mathematics (quanti management method)
  • Digital communication
  • Market research
  • Operational marketing
  • Project Management
  • General business culture
  • Financial analysis
  • Introduction to Procurement
  • Sales Development
  • Merchandising
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Introduction to supply chain
  • Methodology
  • Contemporary economic issues
  • Negotiation

This academic teaching is complemented by a variety of extra-curricular activities such as the “Maker Camp”, the “I” in team, the “Musical”, the “One day, one boss, one student” programme.

Foreign languages ((English + 1 other foreign language for each student) are taught throughout the program. In the first year, students prepare for the Voltaire certification (French language proficiency certificate).

The third year of the programme is dedicated to more in-depth learning and options. Students can choose to follow the programme full-time (traditional track) or on a work-study programme*.

*Non E-U students must have completed at least 1 year of studies in France and must hold a student residence permit in order to be eligible for the work-study format

  • Management control
  • Information systems
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Business ethics
  • Devising a business action plan and its budget
  • E-business and digital marketing
  • Management of sales teams

Continuing your studies

At the end of your 3-year course, you can choose between joining the world of business or continuing your studies on our Grande Ecole Programme (Master in Management) with a choice of multiple tracks:
international, work-study, France and dual Strategic Design Management degree, with the possibility of specialising in marketing, trade, finance, audit, design, entrepreneurship, events, HR, supply chain, digital marketing, social media, etc.

Careers and opportunities

Agile and ready to take up the performance challenge

The Global Bachelor in Management is a dynamic programme that closely follows business developments. Its content evolves in line with the recommendations of its improvement committee, consisting of partner companies.

Examples of positions held by Alumni

Customer Services Manager

Business Consultant

Project Manager

Company founder

Area manager

Policy Officer

Trade  Marketing

Technical sales representative

Sales Consultant

Assistant Product Manager

Sales Promotion Manager


For students holding a French baccalauréat

  • By type of course: Business and management school
  • By region: Grand Est
  • By academy: Reims
  • By city: Troyes

Public reporting Parcoursup GBM

For the first year for current or future international Baccalaureate graduates

For the 2nd year  as for candidates who have passed their 1st year in the French or foreign higher education system and can prove they have 60 ECTS credits or equivalent.

For the 3rd year as for students with a French or foreign degree after 2 years in higher education who can prove they have 120 ECTS credits

More info on www.scbs-education.com/admissions

Tuition fees

South Champagne Business School is recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and Innovation as a private higher education establishment of general interest (EESPIG).

It welcomes grant-funded students and implements a social openness policy through its fees, which are fixed for the duration of the course.

European students:
GBM 1, 2 and 3: €7,300 / year

Non-EU international students:
GBM 1, 2 and 3: €8,300 / year