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 How to find good accommodation in Troyes ?



How to find good accommodation in Troyes ?

When you arrive in a new city as a student, it’s normal to feel a bit lost. So as you soon as you know that you have been offered a place, you need to start looking for accommodation.

The good news is that despite the huge increase in student numbers in Troyes over the last ten years, the city is still a manageable size, with a large variety of housing, affordable rents and a good transport system. To help you manage your accommodation search when you arrive, however, here are a few useful tips.

Don’t leave it until the last minute

Troyes is not Paris. There is no shortage of accommodation or over-inflated rents. However, the longer you wait, the less choice there will be, and finding the apartment of your dreams might take a little longer. So don’t delay. As soon as you’ve sent your enrolment confirmation to the school, plan to spend one or two days in the city to find the right accommodation.

Be clear about your needs

Budget is an essential criterion, but not the only one. Do you have a car? Do you need parking?

Do you need accommodation near the station if you’re going home regularly? Do you want to be close to the school? Close to the best student events? What’s more important: a quiet residence? Being near other students? A specific district?

By making a list of your needs, you will save time when you arrive and you can compare different options.

Take time to find your way about

Like all cities in France, Troyes has a wide variety of districts. The historic city centre is very popular with students, as it’s very lively and has a unique heritage. But there are also student residences and high rise blocks in low cost districts or more sought after areas.

You should take time to compare the districts and ask the staff from the school to advise you. There are also Facebook groups and more specialist forums that can give you the right information and answer your questions. Finally, it might be useful to identify the main bus routes to limit the amount of travel time between your future accommodation and the school.

Use a letting agency

This is the most common and easiest option for many students. The school has partnerships with some local agencies that are used to students and have a large catalogue of accommodation. Large or small, affordable or top of the range, there are solutions for all budgets and all needs. The letting agency makes the relationship with the landlord easier as it is the single point of contact for the student and their family.

Choosing your accommodation: different options

University residences (CROUS)

These are small apartments and studios located near the main student areas of the city. An economical solution with an often basic housing offer, but very convenient. You will need to contact the CROUS to enrol, visit the accommodation and find out more about the admission conditions. The CROUS allocates priority housing to grant-funded students based on social criteria, but non grant-funded students can also apply.

Student rooms near the campus

There are some student rooms, student apartments or student residences very near the school. These are managed by private organisations and are very much in demand, as they are less than 5 minutes’ walk from the campus. There is also an international service that can organise or facilitate the allocation of rooms to foreign students.

Private landlords

Many students choose this option. These are traditional rental apartments managed by the landlord or by a letting agency that acts as an intermediary and carries out the formalities on behalf of the students. Some students prefer a co-rental so that they can have more spacious accommodation at an affordable price. In general, guarantees are requested by the agencies or landlords.


There are many good accommodation options in Troyes. The city offers a unique, affordable, lively student scene where accommodation is never a problem. Once you have found the right accommodation, all you need to do is organise your year, relax and start your new student life.

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