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Grants and assistance

From the CROUS (Regional Centre for University and Academic Services)

The principal missions of this institution are assistance, welcome, catering and housing for students. It manages all the applications for student grants.

Do you want to benefit from CROUS assistance? Apply for a DSE (Student Social Application) free of charge, between 15 January and 15 May, on this platform only: www.messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr

  • Specific Assistance Annual Allocation (ASAA) 
    From €1,600 to €4,500 per year.
    Designed for students who are not eligible for a grant but are affected by a specific situation (family break-up, family independence, returning to study after the age of 28, etc.).
    The application can be made at any time of the year.
  • Specific Assistance One-Off Allocation (ASAP) 
    From €1,600 to €3,300.
    For students experiencing new, unforeseeable difficulties during the year.
  • L’Agoraé – student food bank 
    For students in a vulnerable situation.
    After making an application to the CROUS, the beneficiary receives a €15 basket per month to spend at L’Agoraé.
    Here, students can get food, household products or academic supplies at reduced prices (between 10% and 30% cheaper than usual).


Campus France

Please refer to the Campus France scholarship directory and check if you are eligible for one of the scholarships listed there: https://www.campusfrance.org/en/bursaries-foreign-students

International mobility assistance 

  • International mobility assistance for students (Grand Est Region) 
    From €400 to €1,000 depending on criteria.
    For all students.
    The period of study or work placement must be done within a single organisation abroad.
  • Erasmus + Allowance 
    May be allocated to students studying or doing a work placement in another establishment.
  • Additional Erasmus + allowance for people with disabilities 
    An allowance may be given to people with disabilities if extra costs are incurred due to the disability during the period abroad.
  • UFA Grant, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
    €300 per month.

from Sophie Lorandeau

Higher education and disability 

  • FEDEEH Grant
    The purpose of this grant is to support the vocational training of young people with disabilities who cannot always find funding solutions to help with their needs in these situations. All students with disabilities are eligible.
    Applications must be submitted on www.bourses-fedeeh.fr

Bank loans

The SCBS interest-free loan, in partnership with Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine 

Up to €15,000.

It is given to deserving students, from the second year, subject to agreement from the interest-free loan allocation committee.

Other offers: back-to-school loan, back-to-school advance, advance on a grant from the CROUS, personal student loan, etc.

Contact: SAMON KHIEV – 03 25 72 50 81



Partnership with Crédit Agricole 
Champagne Bourgogne

Offers for your studies abroad (withdrawals and payments abroad at no charge, advance of €750 at 0%), young person’s car loan, student loan, Good Loc’ housing loan and many others!

Contact: Claire Stauder, Youth Advisor at the Troyes Chartreux branch.

03 25 49 29 81 or claire.stauder@ca-cb.fr



Visale, rental deposit assistance 

If parents cannot act as guarantors for the student’s future accommodation, Visale is  a 100% free guarantee service for all adult students!
The Visale guarantee, a service from Action Logement, offers all students a free rental deposit on any type of accommodation, with no conditions on resources.
Visale acts as guarantor for the landlord, a simple solution accessible in a few clicks.
To apply, simply go to www.visale.fr and they will look at your application and get back to you directly.
All types of housing are offered: student residences, independent accommodation or lodgings, co-rentals, apartments, studios and rooms.

Personal Housing Assistance (APL) 

Personal Housing Assistance (APL) is financial assistance designed to reduce your rental expenses. It is calculated according to your income for the previous year.
Do an APL simulation

Payment of tuition fees

Payment may be made in instalments over several months, to make paying tuition fees easier.

Fixed discount on tuition fees when two members of the same tax household are registered. 10% for the second member. 15% from the third member and following.

Looking for a job


Job Teaser

Platform to help you find a job, work placement or work-study program, offered to all our students. Over 1,900 advertisements for SCBS students.

Information from
the Business Relations and Careers Service:


Job Dating

In collaboration with our partner Mac Arthur Glen, we regularly offer our students jobs in their stores, at weekends and during the Sales periods.


Get Junior, the SCBS Junior Enterprise scheme

A student association that helps start-ups plan their project, carrying out various studies and analyses. Students are paid for their work and involvement in this association.

Information from the Student Life Service: