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 Being an entrepreneur at SCBS

Being an entrepreneur at SCBS

How to be an entrepreneur?

Each SCBS programme includes awareness sessions. This is an initial chance to explore and talk to the lecturers from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship department. Each session is a unique opportunity to discuss your entrepreneurial desires, the ideas floating around in your head or the questions you need an answer to.

Many stakeholders in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem (incubator, science park, directors, BPI investment bank, investors, etc.) visit the school to tell the students about entrepreneurial life and help them build up a network.

Hackathons, challenges and creative events, held both at SCBS and at the Aube en Champagne Science Park, help to match up student profiles with additional skills (engineers, designers, IT technicians, etc.) who could become their partners.

Aube Science Park

The Aube Science Park is an interface specialising in innovation engineering. This hub has its own incubator connected to the university laboratories, a student incubator which is a nursery for the higher education establishments in the region.


Young Entrepreneur Center (YEC)


The YEC, Young Entrepreneur Center, is a student incubator set up to support projects. Joining the YEC gives you a tailor-made, free programme to test, develop and propel your ideas during your studies, work placement or otherwise…

Established at the Aube Science Park, the YEC benefits from all the synergies of a start-up incubator. For six months and more, you have access to the Science Park’s co-working space and an impressive network of experts: hard coaching, design, digital marketing and strategy…