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Key Figures

The SCBS Alumni community at Y SCHOOLS

Developing your professional network is now essential for boosting your career. Degrees and experience are not enough to succeed. The Y SCHOOLS Alumni network currently has over 6,000 former students, working in various sectors all over the world.

The Y SCHOOLS Alumni association brings together all the former students from SCBS – South Champagne Business School, the School of Design and the School of Tourism. Its role is to continue the links of friendship and solidarity that each member has developed during their education, through opportunities for discussion and social occasions: parties, afterwork events, cohort reunions, etc.

These precious links maintained by the association are an opportunity for students to benefit from the advice or support of these graduates, now working all over the world and in various sectors such as finance, marketing, communication, audit, etc.

Testimonials by our alumni

Mathias Arbet-Pont,
MiM and MSc ICE alumni
and co-founder of Neoratech

Nicolas DOGNON,
MiM alumni
Human Resources Manager at Conviction RH

Alex HOA,
BBA alumni
Headhunter for Fitch Benett Partners

Anaïs DHAP,
BBA alumni
Regional Category Manager at Diana Food au Chili

Nicolas SOUVET,
GEP alumni
Commercial Director at Nuxe Spain Barcelona