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Finding accommodation in Troyes

Studapart student housing 

In Troyes, it’s easy to find accommodation to rent on your own or with others. Most of our students live in the city centre or very near the campus in a number of university residences, or rent directly from private landlords. On a single website, you can access thousands of advertisements for accommodation in Troyes, all over France or abroad, during your course:

You can also contact our preferred partners


Damonte Immobilier

Rue Gal De Gaulle à Troyes

Contact Nathalie Eulaffroy : 03 25 82 83 87


Martinot Immobilier

Victor Hugo à Troyes

Contact Laurie Gomichon : 03 25 82 82 64

Rent for a 20 to 30m² studio


€961 / month


€410 / month


€412 / month


€368 / month

Source :

The CROUS network


A rental portfolio with

172,600 places


Priority target market:
grant-funded students,
plus international students, young people on work-study programmes, work placements, apprentices, etc.


1/3 of the portfolio

is for international students

Visale, rental deposit assistance

If parents cannot act as guarantors for the student’s future accommodation, Visale is  a 100% free guarantee service for all adult students!

The Visale guarantee, a service from Action Logement, offers all students a free rental deposit on any type of accommodation, with no conditions on resources.

Visale acts as guarantor for the landlord, a simple solution accessible in a few clicks.

To apply, simply go to and they will look at your application and get back to you directly.

All types of housing are offered: student residences, independent accommodation or lodgings, co-rentals, apartments, studios and rooms.

Find out more about Visale


Personal Housing Assistance (APL)

Personal Housing Assistance (APL) is financial assistance designed to reduce your rental expenses. It is calculated according to your income for the previous year.

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