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Global Bachelor in Management (3 year degree)



International Bachelor in Business Administration (4 year degree)



Grande Ecole Programme (postgraduate – Master in Management)

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Master of Science Innovation Creativity & Entrepreneurship (postgraduate)



Specialised Masters in Performance Management and Industrial Transformation (postgraduate)


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Virtual tour of the Troyes campus: Experience SCBS as if you were there!

15,000 m² of infrastructure dedicated to learning and student development. Amphitheatre, patios, sports hall, restaurant and relaxation area... What could be better than an immersive virtual tour to see what the campus is really like.

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Troyes: a student city to be explored

When you're thinking about continuing your higher education, you don’t just choose a school or university. You also choose a city, a way of life and a place where you can fully enjoy your student experience. Behind the various clichés (Paris is a dynamic city, the weather's good in Marseille, etc.) you also need to see the reality of daily life. Between rent prices, availability of housing and transport time, there are many external factors that can influence your choice.

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The Musical 2019! Let the show begin…

Over 4 days in early October, first year students from the Tourism School, the Design School and SCBS were helped by Playskills staff  to produce a musical show!

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